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dance and embrace spirit candles


The following items are back-ordered:

Dance and Embrace Spirit Candle Dance, Right.
Expected to ship by: 08/21/2015

Dance and Embrace Spirit Candle Embrace, Left.
Expected to ship by: 08/21/2015

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An Illuminating Surprise

Hidden inside these inconspicuous-looking white pillar candles is a cast iron sculpture that's only revealed as the wax burns away. While it may be tempting to hold a marathon candle burning session for a more immediate reveal, the candles' mysterious charm revolves around not being antsy: slowing down to reflect and to savor each moment as the candle burns gradually and the figure, slowly but surely, emerges from its waxy encasement. Available with either Dance or Embrace sculptures, the unscented candles, formed by a lost-wax casting process, make for an illuminating gift in celebration of a wedding, engagement, anniversary, or other milestone. And while the sculptures themselves may become blackened by smoke and flames as the candle burns around them, they can later be polished and kept as keepsakes once the wick reaches its end. Made in China.

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Item ID
Made from
wax, cast iron
6" H x 3" dia.
Never leave burning candles unattended or near flammable objects. Always place burn candles on a suitable holder or dish.
Each candle is estimated to burn for 20 hours.
Care instructions: dust with a damp cloth.

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