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custom silhouette cuff bracelet

by Laurel Denise Smith & Vana Chupp
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Metallic Portraiture

Keep loved ones forever at your side with this personalized silhouette cuff bracelet. Working in collaboration, artists Vana Chupp and Laurel Denise Smith hand make masterful pieces from your personal photographs. Silhouette artist Vana cuts outlines of loved ones, and passes the image onto jeweler Laurel. The silhouette is then laser etched into sterling silver for a stunning cuff bracelet that lasts a lifetime. Handmade in USA.

Tips for taking a good profile photo:
-When taking the photo, please be sure to take it from the same level as the subject. For example, if the child is sitting down, you should be sitting next to him/her, not standing.
-Make sure the subject is looking straight ahead. If the head is turned toward or away from the camera, it will not be a good, clear profile.
-Please include the entire head (don't crop the back of the head) as well as the neck and part of the chest. Posture and head shape are important in capturing a person's essence in profile.
-Send a clear picture with lots of contrast between the person's profile and the background. For example, don't take a dark picture with a dark background, and take care to make sure the background isn't too busy. It can be difficult to make out the tiny details of a face if there isn't a clear distinction between the subject and background.
- For Girls: It is best to put your hair in a ponytail so the proportions stay true.

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Item ID
Made from
sterling silver
7" long x .75" wide
Care: clean with a polishing cloth.
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Laurel Denise Smith & Vana Chupp

An original silhouette image is created by Vana Chupp from a personal photograph provided by the customer, Laurel Smith then laser cuts the Silhouette into the sterling and creates a beautiful, softly brushed bracelet cuff.

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