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creatures card game

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Wild Game

"In this corner: part vulture, part anaconda, part gila monster! It's... the 'vulconster'! And the contender: the water loving beast with opposable thumbs! Meet the 'chimpotacuda'!"

The winner of this titanic clash is in your hands, thanks to the monstrously fun Creatures card game.

The game's cards are illustrated with the front, middle, and back portion of a wide range of animals, from armadillos to vampire bats. Players lay out their cards to form three-part creatures, each with a unique name, with ridiculous illustrations and descriptions. Those beasts then enter combat as the players add up their components' score. The "chimpotacuda", for example, is part chimpanzee (+5), part hippopotamus (+7) and part barracuda (+5), for a total of 17 points. The "vulconster" has 18 points, so the "chimpotacude" is defeated and reshuffled into the deck. Players of all ages will have a roaring good time as they mix, match and compete. Made in Dallas, TX.

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Made from
card stock
5.5" L X 3.78" W X 1" D
intended for 2 to 6 players.

The game is comprised of 96 playing cards consisting of either a 'FRONT', 'MIDDLE', or 'BACK' portion of 32 particular animals. Each animal is illustrated across the three cards, and includes a fun fact about that animal and a corresponding 'strength' value ranging from 1-10 (e.g. a mosquito is strength-1, and a grizzly bear is strength-10). May the strongest creature win!

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