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cookbook stand

by Richard & Anthony Joseph
Community Voted
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Recipes Take a Stand.

The kitchen is a dangerous place for cookbooks and e-readers. An open recipe faces countless obstacles, from hot grease splashes to saucy splatters resulting from over-enthusiastic stirring. Neither hot stoves nor cluttered counters and tables make good surfaces to rest your gastronomic guide.

But don't despair, there's no need to reach in the freezer and fall back on your old instant meals, Joseph Joseph's compact folding bookstand caters to experimental cooks of all ages by preventing messy pages and screens by coming at the cookbook from a different angle. The bookrest, page holders and back foot automatically fold out; simply adjust the arms to hold your heaviest hardcover open or to keep your slim Kindle, Nook or iPad steady. Since it opens and closes just like a book, this innovative design can join the rest of your cookbooks on the shelf where it'll be waiting for you when it's time to satisfy your next hankering for something extraordinary. Made in China.

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Community Voted
Item ID
Made from
stainless steel, ABS thermoplastic
8.5" L x 1" W x 10.4"H
Dishwasher Safe
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Richard & Anthony Joseph

Richard & Anthony Joseph

Twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph founded their contemporary kitchenware company in 2003, combining their respective experience in product design and business. Antony studied design at Central St. Martin's while Richard studied business at Cambridge University.

Their team spends hours in the office kitchen testing complete sets of kitchen utensils and appliances to generate fresh, problem-solving ideas and products that meet the company's high standards in four core areas: functionality, innovation, longevity and aesthetics. collection

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Q and A

When our community voted on this product, some also shared comments - read them below:

216votes, 24 comments

Marisa, UncommonGoods

I've got two cookbook stands. The one that folds doesn't have page holders. The one that has page holders doesn't fold. Guess which one I use? Neither! But I'd definitely use this one. Would you?

Vote: Thumbs up!

sleek, reasonable price

Vote: Thumbs up!

Not thrilled with the olive color,

Vote: Thumbs down!

I like that it folds but seems unstable.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Doesn't look like the page holders are spring loaded to securely hold a page that wants to turn

Vote: Thumbs down!

Seems to expensive for plastic that may or may not work for thinner cook books, color is very drab. Something to protect the book from splashes would improve it.

Vote: Thumbs down!

WAY too expensive for me!

Vote: Thumbs down!

Nice that it folds flat, but the wooden ones are so much nicer, last a lot longer and are similarly priced. All of these Polypropylene things appear to come from China.

Vote: Thumbs down!

i don't like the color, and it just doesn't look like a must-have item. Maybe the picture doesn't do it justice (show it being used...)

Vote: Thumbs down!

What makes it a "cook book stand" when you can get a book stand for cheaper and I am sure they work with cook books too.

Mary Margaret
Vote: Thumbs down!

Love the color...seems flimsy and not really my thing. I agree with some of the others..kind of costly for China plastics.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Made in China :(

Vote: Thumbs up!

pretty pricey though

Vote: Thumbs down!


Vote: Thumbs down!

I like the idea of fold-able but it makes it appear less than stable and it does nothing to protect against splatterslike my current one.

Vote: Thumbs down!

I've seen other styles that I like better.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Doesn't look very stable for actual books. It looks nice, but you can get the same thing at an office supply store for way less.

Vote: Thumbs down!

There are more attractive cookbook stands available. Ditto previous remarks re "made in China".

Vote: Thumbs down!

Again, looks difficult to keep clean

Vote: Thumbs up!

Great idea but i would only purchase if made in the USA

Vote: Thumbs down!

Make it in America!

Vote: Thumbs down!

Love everything about it except that is was made in CHINA!

Vote: Thumbs down!

Looks kinda cool, and I appreciate that it holds both cookbooks and e-readers, but it does look a bit flimsy, and the price is a bit much too.


looks unstable. I have seen many wooden stands that fold and are way cheaper.

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