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chikuno cube


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Block Out Odors

Uncommon Knowledge: One gram of charcoal has nearly the surface area of a tennis court!

That's because charcoal is filled with microscopic cavities - so many, in fact, that they can trap odor-causing chemicals from the air. This specially designed Chikuno Cube uses a honey-comb structure to maximize this power - creating a surprisingly effective air freshener for your refrigerator, closet or other enclosed space.

Can be "recharged" each month by leaving it in the sun for six hours. Reusable for up to a year. Do not use where Chikuno Cube could get wet (i.e. the shower). Made in Kyoto, Japan.

Winner of the 2008 Japanese Good Design Award.

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Item ID
Made from
100% recycled paper label stock, minerals, bamboo charcoal
1.625" L x 1.625" W x 1.625" H
Comes in attractive presentation box. Keep away from children.

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