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chakra stone chime


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The Sound of Chakra

Imitating the seven primary energy centers of the body (that are aligned along the spine), this column of color and sound reflects the ancient Eastern philosophy of Chakra.

Thought of as "windows to the soul," each chakra has its own color and is associated with a particular virtue: stability, balance, energy, compassion, communication, intuition and receiving.

With its peaceful sound and energizing colors, this wind chime is meant to remind us to reflect on the inner workings of our bodies and minds and to give us a small window into the balance of the physical and metaphysical. Handmade in China.

The Seven Chakras:

Sahasrara (The Crown Chakra): Violet. Related to thought and self-knowledge.

Ajna (The Brow Chakra): Indigo.
Related to intuition and clarity.

Vishuddha (The Throat Chakra): Turquoise.
Related to sound and self-expression.

Anahata (The Heart Chakra): Green.
Related to love and compassion.

Manipura (The Solar Plexus Chakra): Yellow.
Related to growth and personal power.

Svadhisthana (The Sacral Chakra): Orange.
Related to creativity and enthusiasm.

Muladhara (The Base Chakra): Red.
Related to physical identity and self-preservation.

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Made from
stone, aluminum, plastic, wood
approx. 17.5" L x 3.5" diam.
Designed for outdoor use - weather and rust resistant. AS needed, hand wash aluminum rods use mild soap and water (or a foaming, non-abrasive cleanser). For longevity, periodically apply a thin layer of Danish or lemon oil to the wood.

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