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chakra necklace

by Mindy and Grant Searcey
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Beautiful Balance

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel. According to ancient Indian medicine, our bodies are made up of six chakras or energy wheels that correspond to nerve ganglia and branches from the spinal column. The chakras are associated with certain colors, body parts and functions. By wearing all six colors, you help your body maintain balance. This necklace is handmade from recycled sterling silver and semi-precious stones by Mindy and Grant Searcey in Los Angeles.

The Chakra System

Base Chakra: Garnet. Located at the base of the spine and is considered your root chakra. This chakra is stimulated by the color red and relates to the immune system, bones and blood.

Sacral Chakra: Carnelian. Related to emotions and sexuality and is stimulated by the color orange. Located in the lower abdomen, this chakra relates to the lower back, hips and pelvis.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Citrine. Located just above the navel and stimulated by the color yellow. Related to the stomach, liver and kidneys.

Heart Chakra: Peridot. Related to love, commitment and happiness and is stimulated by the color green. Located in the center of the chest, its body relations are the upper back, circulatory system and the chest.

Throat Chakra: Iolite. Related to communication and creativity and stimulated by the color blue. It's location is in the center of the neck, literally in the throat, and relates to the mouth, throat and neck.

Third Eye Chakra: Amethyst. Related to intuition and stimulated by the color purple. It is located at the center of the forehead and relates to the ears, brain and nervous system.

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Made from
semi precious stones, recycled sterling silver
Chain: 18" L, Drops: 1-1.5" L
Artist card included.
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Mindy and Grant Searcey

Mindy and Grant Searcey are the husband-wife team behind Searcey Designs, which they founded in 2004. Each has brought their own experiences and outlooks to make their line of jewelry unique and memorable.

Mindy always fancied herself a female Indiana Jones--going so far as to major in anthropology and travel as much as possible. "The treasures and historical relics were fascinating to me," Mindy says. "But to me, the real treasure was to be found in the journey."

After many travels and different jobs, Mindy began making and designing jewelry. She has been doing it for ten years.

Grant has always considered himself an artist. He painted and illustrated professionally before he began designing jewelry in 2004. "Designing jewelry opens up my imagination to a third dimension, allowing me to create an art form that is not limited to a flat surface," he says.

Grant is inspired by organic shapes and natural growth. He strives to make each piece unique and original--so that the wearer can express his or her own individuality.

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