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ceramic bee feeder

by Jo-Anne & Gerald Warren $45.00

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Bee Happy

It's tough out there for a bee. Among other challenges, climate change is causing many plants to blossom earlier or later than in the past, leaving the busy pollinators with a decrease in their primary food source. But with this stoneware bee feeder, you can give them a helping hand while also making your garden a more beautiful place.

Simply fill the beehive-inspired structure with sugar water and place it out in your garden where it can be enjoyed by humans and bees alike. The interior is textured in a way that gives bees a secure footing, to keep them from falling into the nectar. Around the base of the feeder is a line that you can mark with ordinary chalk, which will prevent ants from getting into the food. The stoneware is dishwasher safe, for easy clean up. Handmade in Canada.

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Item ID
Made from
stoneware clay, bamboo, Copper
8" H x 5.75" dia.

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Jo-Anne & Gerald Warren

With a name like Amaranth, a mythical flower that is said to never fade, Jo-Anne & Gerald Warren's stoneware has a lot to live up to. Fortunately, it does, both in terms of beauty and durability. Using a firing process that can exceed 2000 degrees, Amaranth products are built to last, withstanding all elements and seasons, yet maintaining their signature charm. The Warren's make sure all their handmade stoneware is made in an environmentally friendly fashion and hope you take as much pleasure in their art as they do in exploring new ways to innovate current standards. collection

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