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birth month mini dish

by Ellen Bartfeld $44.00
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Due to the handmade nature of this item, stones may vary slightly from photo.

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A Gem of a Dish

A loved one's birthday may only happen once a year, but these precious decorative dishes will remind them how much you treasure them all the year round. Each mini-bowl is made to represent one of the sparkling gems that represent a person's birth month. Artist Ellen Bartfeld carefully crafts them from brightly colored stained glass, and crowns them with a line of beads and crystals threaded along a copper wire. The palm-sized dishes are just the size for holding treasured jewelry or bedside necessities. Handmade in California. Sold individually.

Artist card included.

Choose your month below:
January: Red Quartz and Garnet
February: Amethyst
March: Auamarine and Sodalite
April: Clear Quartz and Labradorite
May: Emerald Quartz and Jade
June: Moonstone and Clear Quartz
July: Ruby Quartz and Clear Quartz
August: Peridot and Tiger's Eye
September: Sapphire Quartz
October: Rose Quartz
November: Citrine and Moss Agate
December: Turquoise and Tiger's Eye

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Item ID
Made from
semi precious stones, copper wire, glass beads, stained glass, lead free solder
3.5" dia. x .75" deep
Care: Wash with water or any cleaning product, dry the soldered rim well with a soft cloth.
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Ellen Bartfeld

Ellen Bartfeld

Stained glass has been part of Ellen Bartfeld's work as an artist for over 35 years. She loves the way the glass reflects natural light and compliments interior surfaces. Her glass bowls are one-of-a-kind pieces hand-crafted to reflect the natural beauty surrounding Gravity Ranch, the home her husband and she built in the remote hills of Santa Ynez.

Working alone, Ellen creates her glass bowls by slumping the glass into various shapes in the kiln, edging them with copper foil and lead-free solder, and embellishing them with decorative items. She also fires images into some of the bowls, using a gold or platinum luster. Ellen enhances the natural essence of her creations with charms and images from nature (leaves, flowers), the animal world (dragonflies, hummingbirds, goldfish, turtles) and Asian design (Chinese letters, Buddha). Beads of infinite variety adorn her bowls either alone or in combination with charms and images. In recent years, she discovered a beautiful "jewel on glass" effect by decorating her bowls with vintage jewelry - each piece unique in color, shape and design. collection

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