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barrel aged cocktail kit

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Barrel aged cocktails are one of the latest trends in mixology in which pre-mixed cocktails are placed in barrels to mature. The technique's purpose is to change the cocktail's character and flavor, mellowing any sharper flavors in the same way wines and distilled spirits are aged. This kit was developed to allow for barrel aging on a smaller scale. Rather than filling a whole barrel with a cocktail and waiting months for it to mature, the barrel aged cocktail kit allows cocktail enthusiasts to make a smaller batch, which will mature in about two weeks. Bottle made in Germany. Staves made in Minnesota. Kit developed at a small, family-run distillery in New York.

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Made from
raffia, plastic, glass, cork, paper, American oak
6" L x 4" diameter; bottle holds 12 oz.
Care Instructions: Rinse the stave in hot water between uses. Bottle is dishwasher safe, and should be cleaned between uses for best results.

Basic instructions: Prepare your cocktail recipe. Place 1 stave in the bottle, and pour in your cocktail. Bottle holds 12 oz. Check after 1 week and every couple of days thereafter. You will notice the increasing flavor complexity. Remove the stave before the cocktail becomes over-oaked, usually after about 2 weeks. Each stave can be used for up to 6 weeks (approximately 3 uses).

Kit comes with 3 staves. Replacement Staves are a set of 5.

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