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Fish Food

There are certain essentials you need for gardening success: seeds, sunlight, water, goldfish. That last one may be unexpected, but it is the key ingredient to this revolutionary countertop garden.

The double-decker combination of garden and fish bowl creates a symbiotic ecosystem. In the top tray, basil, mint, spinach, baby greens, and other edible or decorative plants thrive as nutrient-rich water is circulated past their roots. That process purifies the water, which is then sent back to the 3-gallon tank below, creating a happy, healthy habitat for a betta fish.

The Aquafarm makes an intriguing visual centerpiece for your own environment, whether that's on a side table or countertop, in an office, classroom or kitchen. Made in Union City, California.

click here for Aquafarm Instructions.

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Made from
electrical components, polypropylene, ABS Thermoplastic, BPA and Phthalate-free acrylic
12" L x 8" W x 12" H
The Aquafarm comes with everything needed to get started including organic seeds, a chemical free dechlorinator, and a sampling packet of fish food.

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