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airplane cat house


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Combat Theater

"Beautiful, tough and aggressive all rolled into one beast of a fighter." Meee-ow, what a great description of a cat! But it was written about a plane -- the P-47 Thunderbolt, America's classic fighter-bomber of World War II.

Cats love to hide in boxes, and this lovingly-recreated cardboard model P-47 -- with its spinning propellor, realistic checkerboard cowl, D-Day stripes, beat-up armor plating, feline-themed nose art, and hilarious details (a "taped photo" in the cockpit shows bikini'd kitties stretched out on lawn chairs next to a plastic pink flamingo) -- honors the predatory instincts that underlie this play.

Your four-footed flying ace will hop right into the cockpit and scan the horizon for enemies...or some tasty kibble. Designed in London. Made in China.

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Not intended for children.
Made from
100% recycled paper label stock
In packaging: 16.93" L x 22.05" W x .51" D; Constructed: 37.80" L x 29.92" W x 14.57" H
No need for scissors or tape. Easy self assembly. Comes with detailed instructions.

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