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adam the doodles man

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Desk Mate!

Meet Adam, a winning desktop companion who will bend over backwards for you – or forwards, or in any direction you so please, really. Made from stainless steel wire with aluminum rivets, Adam's fully adjustable limbs allow him to strike any pose while doubling as a decorative desktop distraction. Whether standing proudly atop a stack of paperwork or perched comfortably, legs crossed, on the edge of a table, Adam's main interests, aside from chillin', include listening, contemplating, flexing, holding stuff, and inspiring. Best of all, he never puts up a fuss (and never rusts). And although not anatomically correct, Adam also serves as the ideal drawing partner for budding artists in need of a limber, low-maintenance figure to sketch. Made in China.

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Item ID
Made from
aluminum, stainless steel
4" L x 1.6" W x 12" H
Care instructions: clean with a dry cloth.

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