Top 10 Gifts for Women

Let's face it. Gift giving isn't just about finding that special something you know she'll love. It's about you, too. You want your gift to stand out, to be the first present she reaches to open, and the gift she always remembers. You want the warm smile, the thank you hug, and would a handwritten thank you note be too much to ask for?

Finding the perfect gift that she will love is easier than ever with our list of top gifts for women.

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For the woman who knows her Chardonnay from her Sauvignon:

Simply place your Corkcicle in the freezer for at least two hours, and then insert it into any bottle of wine (after 1 glass has been poured) to maintain chilled white wine or to bring up red wines to their perfect temperature. The Corkcicle enhances the subtleties of the red and white wine's complex flavors.

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Agate Coasters
For the woman that throws legendary dinner parties:

Produced from lava that has been cooled for 80 million years, agate is a translucent, exceptionally strong mineral that was once thought to protect its owners from all dangers and even affect their dreams. These sets are made in the USA with agate from southern Brazil, and while they may not bring you any dreams, they will bring beautiful nature and warmth into your home. The coaster set includes one each in teal, purple, fuchsia, and flax. Designed by Anna Rabinowicz. Sold as set.

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Butterfly Puddler
There's nothing quite like a garden aflutter with wild butterflies in the afternoon sun. Attract your neighborhood beauties with this sand-and-water puddler, designed to hold on to natural minerals after water evaporates. Its shallow well of recycled glass holds sand or rock salt along with a teaspoon of water. When the water evaporates (in under a day), butterflies are attracted to the minerals left behind from the hard water and sand/salt. Once butterflies know where they can find these minerals, they return regularly. Place it in a conspicuous nook to transform your outdoor space into an enchanted garden.

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Birth Month Bowl
A loved one's birthday may only happen once a year, but these precious decorative dishes will remind them how much you treasure them all the year round. Each bowl is made to represent one of the sparkling gems that represent a person's birth month. Artist Ellen Bartfeld carefully crafts them from brightly colored stained glass, and crowns them with a line of beads and crystals threaded along a copper wire. The palm-sized dishes are just the size for holding treasured jewelry or bedside necessities. Handmade in California. Sold individually.

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Custom Beach Bracelets
Artist Holly Daniels Christensen uses the unique sand of beaches from all over the world, highlighting them under clear resin and framing them with sterling silver. Choose between two styles: one where the sand is featured in a large, decorative clasp, or a flexible coil bracelet where sand from two different beaches can be displayed. Either one makes the perfect accessory for a beautiful day. Handmade in Massachusetts.

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Custom Family Glassware
Raise a glass to your family! Or rather, a whole set of glasses graced with whimsical illustrations from mother and daughter team Mary and Shelly Klein. Pick your line-up from the available selection of man, woman, children and pets, so that everyone at the table can see themselves reflected in their own special glass. Printing is done using organic inks that are 100% free of heavy metals. Glassware made in New Jersey, decorated in Minnesota.

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Be... Inspirational Paperweight
Placed on your desk or countertop, this thought-provoking paperweight from designer Tamara Hensick provides a constant reminder to be your best self. Cast in solid pewter, the word "Be..." is accompanied by a series of cards printed with positive qualities, such as "reliable", "thankful", and "honest". The cards can be displayed in a slot across the top of the ellipsis as a prompt to remember a quality you wish to develop. Or choose a random card each day to focus on a different part of your personal growth. Made in Los Angeles.

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Sari Bag
When you leave behind something important, it may leave you feeling ruffled for the whole day. But carry this ruffled shoulder bag with you, and you'll have the perfect accessory for keeping track of everything you need, and look brilliant while doing it. The one-of-a-kind bags are handmade by craftspeople in India from recycled saris. For each one, the layers of silk and rayon come in a unique combination of colors and patterns, ranging from jewel tones to earth tones. The bag has an inner lining of white cotton with a large central compartment and a single side pocket for quick access to your keys, purse or wallet. Handmade in India.

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Links of Love Necklace
A gold filled ring adorned with twisted wire is permanently entwined with a smaller, sterling silver hoop and suspended from a sterling silver chain. A wonderful gift for new mothers, grandmothers, sisters, or best friends, the joined pieces are evocative of the infinite connection we possess with the special people in our lives and a reminder that they're always there for us as we carry on through life's struggles and successes. Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Molecular Gastronomy Kit - Cuisine
Turn your kitchen into a food laboratory with this how-to kit that teaches you how to transform liquids, like honey, into jelly-like cubes, spherify chopped produce into flavor-packed beads, or even morph melted chocolate into a delicate powder or spaghetti-like strands. You're only limited by your imagination! So go ahead, play with your food!

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