Top 10 Gifts for Wives

Let's face it. Valentine's gift giving isn't just about finding that special something you know she'll love. It's about you, too. You want your gift to be the gift she always remembers. To commemorate your unique partnership with something more remarkable than drug store chocolates and cards. You want the warm smile, the thank you hug - perhaps a kiss or two?

Finding the perfect gift that she will love is easier than ever with our list of top 10 gifts for wives.

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Love Birch Cuff
You can almost hear the rustling of leaves on a summer day as you don this nature-inspired cuff. Jewelry artist Nancy Nelson hand casts the brass band from real birch bark that she collected along the southern shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin. The detailed texture of the bark evokes the rich, spontaneous stroke of an artist's brush. The understated heart cut-out pairs beautifully with the birch tree's traditional symbolism of protection and resilience. Handmade in West Virginia.

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Be... Inspirational Paperweight
Placed on your desk or countertop, this thought-provoking paperweight from designer Tamara Hensick provides a constant reminder to be your best self. Cast in solid pewter, the word "Be..." is accompanied by a series of cards printed with positive qualities, such as "reliable", "thankful", and "honest". The cards can be displayed in a slot across the top of the ellipsis as a prompt to remember a quality you wish to develop. Or choose a random card each day to focus on a different part of your personal growth. Made in Los Angeles.

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12 Ways to Say I Love You Journal
We all could use a little help in the romance department from time to time, and this sweet keepsake book is a unique way to tell someone you love them. Hand bound in Rhode Island by Jason Thompson, "12 Ways to Say I Love You" is a book which encourages you to explore your relationship and tell your partner how you feel in a creative, personal way.

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Upcycled Cotton Sari Robe
Lounge in the lavish style of a true maharani with this luxurious robe made of rich strips of reclaimed saris. Featuring a patchwork of reclaimed saris by a cooperative of artisans in a village outside of Rajasthan, India, the kimono-style robe wraps and belts with a complementary sash. Handmade in India.

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Kaleidoscope Necklace
Take a close look at Kevin and Deborah Healy's elegant silver column pendant, and you'll discover it is actually a miniature, fully functioning kaleidoscope. The handcrafted little wonder has three mirrored surfaces inside that reflect a shifting tapestry of vibrant colors, provided by tiny grains of sea glass, recycled glass and mineral gems.

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Tanglabra Bud Vase
Let some contemporary style bloom in your home with this extraordinary bud vase that can change form as often as you can imagine it. The nickel-plated steel creation features two reservoirs at each end of a flexible, metal "rope" that holds its shape in whatever position you bend it. Coil it on your countertop, twist it into a remarkable centerpiece, or let it wind around your computer screen like a futuristic vine--you can create a new, striking arrangement every day. Made in China.

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Heart Bowl
There are two sides to being in love. There's the thrilling, bubbling whirl of feelings that pulse in your chest, and then there's the vulnerable sensation of placing your heart in someone else's hands. Artist Jim Loewer captures both ends of this spectrum in his colorful, glass heart bowl. The hand-blown glass churns with a passionate rush of color that circles around the outside.

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Raindrop in Oval Necklace
This handmade glass necklace seems to suspend the quiet light of rainclouds backlit by an unseen sun. In it, a glass droplet nestles into the curve of a silver wire oval, hinting at the ancient yin-yang symbol of balance. Its look pairs as beautifully with formalwear as it does with a favorite shirt.

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He Loves Me Pillow
The magic of the He Loves Me Pillow is that it has such a simple design, telling the story of the daisy game with 12 hand-embroidered daisies, yet it conjures some of your most powerful memories and emotions. This tale ends very happily, with our heroine basking in love as soft as a pillow.

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Berry Spiral Earrings
These handmade, mini spiral earrings nestle droplets of topaz, iolite, kyanite, tanzanite, and amethyst in a darkening coils of sterling silver. The graceful yet stormy beauty of these rainy pieces brings a pop of indigo to the formal ensemble or can add polish to your favorite jeans-and-tee. Handmade in Brooklyn, New York.

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