Top 10 Gifts for Men

Let’s be honest—you’re not just looking for a gift for him. You're looking for that expression on his face when he peels back that wrapping paper and realizes you're thebest.

What does it take to produce that kind of reaction? It's going to require something more than that tie-and-socks combo gift set, we can tell you that. But fear not: when it comes to uncommon gifts for guys, we've got you covered!

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Manifold Clock
What if we didn't see time as a straight line, or as something to simply pass through? This sculptural clock transforms the passage of time into an ever-changing, conceptual art piece.

The battery-operated clock is easy to read, with extra-long hour and minute hands that sweep around its face. But Israel-based designers , but they are transformed by the addition of a manifold--the mathematical term for a curved surface.With each passing minute, the manifold shifts through abstract forms that seem to illustrate the shape of time itself.

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Slimfold Wallet
Take cards and cash on the go without the bag, or the bulk. The inspiration for this ingenious little sleeve all started when designer Dave Zuverink set out to construct a slim, yet super strong, wallet to contain all of his essentials without creating a big bulge in his back pocket. In his search, he discovered TyvekR, a rip-resistant material that, when folded, is still over half the size of its fabric and leather counterparts.

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The Oona
Designed by Bay Area natives Brad Leong, Danny Fukuba, and Sam Gordon, this clever, hands-free device possesses Silicon Valley design sensibility, with its clean, minimal aesthetic and its user-friendly functionality. Using its strong suction pads, you can use the OonaTM to take your cellphone wherever you need to go: stick it to your cabinets to peruse cookbooks as you prep dinner, to a whiteboard to reference typed notes as you teach, to your bedpost to use it as an alarm clock, or to your windshield to avoid losing your phone beneath your car seats.

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Customized Letterman Sweater
You may not have a cheering stadium shouting your name, but you can still revel in that old-school glory when wearing this vintage-style letterman's sweater. Manufactured by a company that's been making varsity sweaters since the 1920s, it's no surprise that the design is full of winning detail, from its fold-over cuffs and button-up front, to its single left-hand pocket.

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Twilight Watch
Daylight slipping between your fingers? Keep time on your side with Daniel Will-Harris' graphic nod to the ever-shifting skies with a watch that fades from light to dark, and back again every 20 seconds. It captures the fleeting nature of time--all while telling time, of course. Two polarized discs spin to ticking seconds to create the artful illusion. The band is made using durable kevlar and the brushed stainless steel face has no visible lugs providing a seamless connection from band to watch case. Made In China with Japanese & Chinese components.

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Drink Chillers - Set of 2
Coasters and sophisticated drink chillers combine in Arra David and Anne Johnson's dashing duo of stone cold drink rests. Made from the same salvaged materials that give Man Coasters their muscle, these sturdy drink holders and drop-in stones go from freezer to table to keep neat liquor chilled and undiluted. Just add a top-shelf bottle to make this handsome, ready-to-gift set for the alcohol aficionado complete. Handmade in New Hampshire.

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Stoneware Growler
For beer enthusiasts, growlers bridge the gap between the tap and the kitchen table. The refillable half-gallon jugs allow brethren of the brew to roll up to their favorite brewery or artisanal shop, get a tap-fresh flagon, and enjoy their specialty pints of the good stuff in the comfort of their own home. When poured days later, these hoppy suds taste just as crisp, and generously sized growlers help extend the amount of time drinkers can savor seasonal, limited edition, or just tap-only brews.

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Copper Rain Gauge
Centuries later, the World's Coolest Rain Gauge turns Archimedes' fantastically fun principle of water displacement into a refreshingly original lawn or garden accent. As the water flows into the copper collection flue, the buoyant, foam tube sealed inside rises to show water accumulation. Attractive and informative, this nifty pluviometer makes your backyard a little more interesting. Made in New Paltz, New York.

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Auto Timing Chains and Gears Wall Clock
What once kept four wheels spinning takes a turn for the interesting--and the artful--with artist Steven Shaver's vision. Inspired by domestic car parts half-buried in junk yards that looked to Shaver like sculpture with a story, he began crafting creatively designed home decor from salvaged gears, chains, and more, for art and conversation. Shaver calls it "part art." We say it's part art, part clock--and all inspiration. Clock features part numbers cast in the metal and industrial details unique to each piece. Handmade in California.

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Patchwork Coin Money Clips
Each coin is hand-cut, silver soldered together, plated, and riveted to a sturdy, brushed nickel money clip. Look closely at the resulting collage of each President's profile... sophisticated and full of character.. since each coin exhibits a unique pattern of wear from its life in circulation. A practical work of art, it will be treasured beyond the cash it holds. Handmade in Philadelphia. Sold separately

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