Top 10 Gifts for Husbands

Let's be honest. You're not just looking for any old Valentine's Day gift for your husband. You're looking for that expression on his face when he realizes you're the best!

What does it take to garner that kind of reaction? It's going to require something more than a stale box of candy hearts, we can tell you that. But fear not: when it comes to uncommon gifts, we've got you covered.

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Stone Drink Dispenser
You may not be able to get water from a stone, but you can tap your favorite spirits. Handmade from natural stones found along the coast of New England and fixed with a stainless steel spigot with a stone lever, Jeff Henderson's sturdy and sophisticated drink dispenser adds instant pizazz to any event. Handmade in New Hampshire.

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Toggle Switch Plate
These mechanical light switches are the brainchild of father and son Lance and L J Nybye. They craft their mechanisms from decorative plywood, often leaving the alternating colors of wood left exposed at the edges. The joints are all finished with brass hardware, and the laser engraved details have the swirling ornamental lines of a Victorian engraving. The switch installs easily in your bedroom, hobby room or office—simply attach it over an existing, standard switch plate using the existing screws. Made in San Diego, California.

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Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses - Set of 4
Spice up your next get-together with these extraordinary shot glasses. They have the finely veined, translucent appearance of rose quartz, but they are actually carved from the highest quality, food grade, Himalayan pink salt. Perfect for tequila, the cup will give a salty twinge to your taste buds, but with a more nuanced flavor than ordinary table salt. Made in Pakistan.

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Love is Art Kit
Express your love through abstract expressionism with fine artist Jeremy Brown's bold idea for making one-of-a-kind art. Each kit allows couples to capture the beauty of intimacy in a new and elegant way by bringing the canvas to the bedroom.

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Beer Tote
Handcrafted by David and Christopher Steinrueck out of redwood beams reclaimed from salvage yards in the San Francisco area, this mix-and-match crate is bound to become your best drinking buddy. Smooth, stained wood slats hug craft beers and sodas snuggly keeping clinks to a minimum and giving your favorite fizzes a cheer-worthy mode of transportation and presentation. Handmade in San Francisco, California.

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Wood Tie
This is knot your average necktie. These bold ties are made from redwood beams, reclaimed from salvage yards in the San Francisco area. Individual panels are connected with a hidden elastic cord, which slips easily around the shirt collar for a comfortable fit. Handmade in San Francisco.

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Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture
Like the great watery beasts of fictional lore, this land-bound beast brings the fantasy to life. Chris Crooks' extravagant, three-part denizen of the deep adds a dramatic statement to green spaces as he leaps energetically through waves of grass and inspires uproarious reactions from all who cross his path. Handmade in Arizona.

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Molecular Gastronomy Cuisine Kit
What do you get when you combine food, chemistry and art? You get to deconstruct any dish, to change the look and feel of any ingredient, to impress dinner guests, and to take your tastebuds on an adventure--also known as molecular gastronomy!

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Eye Glasses Holder
A group of craftsmen in India is trying to help you find your glasses. This hand-carved wooden statuette is perfect for holding your glasses when you're not using them. No more searching around blindly, or trying to remember where you last put them down.

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Beer Soap 6 Pack
With this hand-brewed soap, you'll get to enjoy a fresh serving of suds with your morning shower. Crafted by San Francisco-based soap maker Hiromi, they come in a beer-lover's assortment made using local varieties of lager, ale, stout and porter. The alcohol is removed prior to being used, but each imparts the unique character of its grains to the final product. The beer is combined with natural oils, essential oils and top shelf fragrances for scent, cosmetic clay and rosemary oleoresin, a natural antioxidant. The resulting lathery foam is nurturing to the skin, a treat for the senses, and good clean fun.

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