The UncommonGoods' Exclusive Collection

Discover all of our exclusive designs. Not "exclusive" like some trendy club with a velvet rope...what you find in places like that may be pretty, but not worth your time.

No, this is more like being out for a stroll and finding a charming little shop. Peering into the windows, you discover the most enchanting array of goods, with each item seemingly picked out just for you and somehow available nowhere else.

Exclusive Dining & Entertaining Goods

The best dinner parties offer the perfect combination of delicious food and sparkling personalities--which is the same recipe you'll find in this collection. Find servingware, barware, tools and accessories to suit your taste and express your personality.

Exclusive Home & Garden Goods

They say there's no place like home. Well, we mean to keep it that way. With goods you won't find anywhere else--from handcrafted birdhouses to framed art prints--you'll find plenty of ways to make your home remarkable, inside and out.

Exclusive Jewelry & Accessories

Accessories are like the punctuation of style. They're not the main event, but they're always there in the details, working to bring everything together in a way that best expresses who you are. Help your look speak loud and clear with this exclusive line of articulate accents.

Exclusive Fun & Games

Let's play a guessing game. What's something that's fun for kids, just for adults, perfect for relaxing but also for rocking out? It's the life of the party, but also your preferred companion for a quiet evening at home. Can you guess what it is? You'll find the answer right here.

Exclusive Kid's Goods

An exclusive group of kids a school is no fun at all. But an exclusive group of designs for kids? That's all kinds of awesome. It's a-whole-week-of-snow-days awesome. It's Saturday-morning-cartoons-on-a-Wednesday awesome. And it's downright, how-about-I-give-up-on-being-an-adult-for-a-little-while-because-being-a-kid-was-pretty-darn-awesome awesome.

Exclusive Goods for Her

Don't worry. "For Her" doesn't mean it's a froufrou and lace in this collection. We know too many amazing women who defy those conventions. Here you'll find a wide variety meant to help you express your unique version of womanhood: from jewelry to journals, and from practical to playful.

Exclusive Goods for Him

It's a well-known fact that men are territorial. Whether it's diehard sports team loyalty or maintaining the perfect lawn, it ultimately just boils down to claiming the best plot of land for yourself. So really, what could be more masculine than a collection of designs for men that can't be found anywhere else?

Exclusive Office Accessories

Why is the corner office so valuable? Windows, for one thing. But also: there are so few of them. It stands to reason, then, that even if you spend your days in a cubicle, tricking out your work space with these exclusive designs might just make you the envy of the C-suite.