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Gifts for the Vintage Lover
by Sammy Davis Vintage

The vintage lover is a conscious curator, handpicking the baubles and bits to decorate a life which inspires, intrigues and invigorates her. This collection blends the present with the past, ensuring today's needs carry the magic of yesterday's design. Here's where keepsake boxes touch the heart, paperweights pack a powerful message and TV dinner trays distract from our addiction for 24/7 takeout. No matter the gift, this guide is where livin' the vintage lifestyle is carefully curated and for the receiver, a gift that like the past, can never be forgotten.

Sammy Davis is a vintage evangelist who shares her passion for fashion that fuels your highest creative self on Sammy Davis Vintage. Sammy turns to the past for inspiration on how to life a more mindful, conscious life enabling her to inspire women to remember their #powerwithin. Recognizing the need for positivity in social media, she founded Lipstick Affirmations on Instagram as @samanthamariedavis, where she shares daily affirmations on life, love and enjoying life’s journey for all its beautiful ups and downs.