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Sharon's Jewelry Picks

I've pulled together things I love and hope you do too! I am a huge fan of interesting materials so our collection has quite the variety including pieces made with materials like sand, fused glass, vegetable parchment, dried flowers, and of course gold and sterling too! I adore anything that makes a piece personal to the wearer, and our custom pieces are chosen for their uncommon way of marking a special event, place, or time in one's life. Finally, I have a soft spot for anything that sparkles whether it is a pair of gemstone earrings, a shiny silver ring, or a shimmering glass necklace.

Sharon has been a jewelry lover her entire life. From the time she was a little girl, she would go through her mother's jewelry box and try on her favorite pieces. (That still happens!) She loves to mix vintage and new and has a special fondness for anything with a bit of sparkle or a lovely message.