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Melissa's Children, Desktop, & Leisure Picks

This collection is filled with randomness and amusements meant to entertain, educate, and inspire. From interactive speakeasy liquor kits to thumb pianos made of upcycled gourds to grumpy giraffe booties, these items are characterized by their personality, whimsy, irreverence, and, most importantly, by the inspiration and story of their makers.

Melissa is a native Californian and a new New Yorker. She loves hedgehogs, the Fourth of July, dinner parties, Pro and Pac 12 football, Sour Patch Kids, 80 degree weather, nerdy board games, guacamole, and fireworks. She can often be found taking wrong turns in her Prius, ordering extra spicy Thai takeout, or trying to drag her coworkers out to Taco Tuesday.

To see Melissa's buying inspiration, check out her Pinterest board!