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Every time I was pregnant I was thrown a baby shower despite my protest. I already had all the necessary goods and every baby ended up being another girl, so there wasn't very much else we needed. Based on that experience, I find that if you think past the baby stage ahead to toddler and kid years in mind, the gifts will last a bit longer. These gifts are sweet for a baby shower but become more perfect as the child grows and they can easily be incorporated into a modern child's room or for learning. Of course, baby things are still so cute, so I threw in a few of those for good measure.

Rubyellen Bratcher is a mom to four little girls who are so close in age she might as well have quadruplets! Her house has an abundance of pink, ribbons, and tutus and our days are filled with never ending playing (and messes). She keeps track of all the crafting, schooling, cooking, styling, and memory making that goes on in her home on her blog Cakies. Sometimes you may get a post about a messy, crazy, need-to-cry kind of day. It's life though and she tries to enjoy it all... the beautiful and the messy!