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Jackie's Accessories & Personal Care Picks

What we look for in Accessories is a unique material story, functionality, and design aesthetic. We are a vegan company and buying stylish non-leather accessories with an intelligent function is super challenging... but that adds to the excitement of the search, and makes the connection very strong when we find an artist that is aligned with our brand. I also love being the "thing finder" and tester for personal care items like new bath products. I've learned so much about the process and integrity of the items in our assortment and seeing the creativity among our artists is so inspiring.

Jackie's personal taste is a lot like her star sign; she's a Gemini, so she has dual personalities--sometimes rock'n'roll, sometimes glam and girlie! Her personal favorite things about her buying job (besides the awesome team she works with) is reaching out to new artists. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids, and soon-to-be dog.