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Tulianna and Alejandra Garces

Artist Bio

Although Tulianna Garces (pronounced: Gar-says) was born in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, she has always considered herself a citizen of the world. Her grandmother was Russian, her mother was born in Iran and raised in Austria, her father studied in Scotland, and as a child Tulianna was raised speaking Spanish, French and German.

Tulianna immigrated to the US in 1985 after her first daughter, Alejandra was born, leaving behind a increasingly violent Colombia for peaceful, albeit cold, Vermont. Tulianna, however, never forgot her home and the devastation that more than fifty years of civil war can have on an innocent population. By working with local communities and schools in Vermont and New England; teaching children from low income families everything from fine art to theater to printmaking , she witnessed first hand the power and inspiration that can come from giving individuals the opportunity to express themselves, work collaboratively and improve their lives through sustainable practices and ideas.

This was something that was not only desperately needed in Colombia, which has a population of nearly five million internally displaced people; but also an initiative that would require a deeply collaborative relationship with local artisans--something she had always desired to place at the forefront of any business she would create. Each piece Tulianna and Alejandra design, whether it is made of vintage lace, Agave or the Tagua seed plucked from the rainforest, is an impassioned labor of love that has passed through many hands and is dedicated to the idea that all citizens of the world deserve to live safely and at peace.

Visit the blog to learn more about how Tulianna and Alejandra work with Colombian artisans to create their stunning dipped lace designs.

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