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Dustin & Stephanie Headrick

Artist Bio

Like any good idea, it was a blessed revelation. Stephanie and I began collecting silver quarters and half-dollars as an investment, but didn't really want to watch them sit around for 50 years and collect dust. So, I began hand-honing them into guitar & mandolin picks - they sounded great! It's well known with musicians that silver coin guitar picks have been around for a hundred years, but actually getting your hands on one is a rare thing. I started making lots of them and selling them in craft fairs and over the internet - people loved them. Then I began experimenting with other materials: brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, horn, hardwood, and anything else I could craft into a guitar pick. After a few years, my hobby had become so successful that Stephanie and I had to devote most of our time trying to keep up with customer demands. To date, we've sold tens of thousands of handmade guitar picks to musicians all over the world with many customers becoming avid collectors. About Dustin: "I was born and raised in Nashville, the son of a professional picker, the grandson of a country music insider. I've picked, produced, pomped and promoted around the Nashville music scene for decades. Now, I've got a huge family of my own and am still making music - but guitar picks have been my artistic focus lately. I enjoy working with metal, especially silver and brass, to create picks that change the tone of a player's performance. People have been playing with cellulose/plastic picks for so long, everything really sounds the same - it's time for an evolution of sound." About Stephanie: "Born in California, raised in Nashville - the perfect combo. I've been focusing on creating and selling art for most of my adult life, now I get to do both along with my wonderful husband. A dream come true."

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