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Adam Wegener and Ron Sloat

Artist Bio

Adam and Ron have always loved to create things with their hands. Even as kids, they were inventing things, most of which didn't work out exactly as planned. But studying Manufacturing Engineering (Adam) and Eletronics (Ron) at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, CA gave them just the training they needed to make pretty much anything with good success, espeically Trash Amps: soda can speakers, mason jar speakers, and more!

After graduating in 2009, Adam and Ron started Trash Amps, combining their passions for engineering, design, art, and music. Adam's knowledge of how to make stuff and his skills in SolidWorks and Adobe Creative Suite got things started. Ron applied his expertise in design and electronics assembly. It is safe to say that building Trash Amps from the ground up has been invaluable experience for these two engineering entrepreneurs. Music has always been an important part of their lives -- Adam and Ron play the guitar and enjoy listening to music with friends. With Trash Amps, they've got music with them anywhere, whether it's an epic jam session or just hanging with friends.

Besides wanting to make a cool product, Adam and Ron have always enjoyed the intersection of education and real life. After noticing how kids get really excited about Trash Amps, they started visiting local schools to encourage kids towards sustainability, music, engineering, and education as a whole. "When you connect education with something kids already view as "cool," education becomes cool by association. If you can show kids the end goal of what they're learning now, you just might set them on track to start their own successful companies down the road," says Adam.

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