Heather Swanepoel

Heather Swanepoel is not known for her knitting. In need of a creative outlet, she tried to teach herself the craft, but couldn't muster more than squares and rectangles. So she signed up for a soap making class with her crafty mom. When their work was uncovered, Heather's was perfect (don’t ask about her mom’s). Heather and her husband now have a family soap-making business in Monroe, Georgia, where all their products are produced in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

  • Wine Soaps - Set of 4

    Wine Soaps - Set of 4


  • Box of Chocolate Soaps

    Box of Chocolate Soaps


  • 6 Pack Beer Soap Set

    6 Pack Beer Soap Set


  • Box of Flowers Soaps

    Box of Flowers Soaps