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Daniel Bellow

Made by hand on the potter’s wheel, one piece at a time, in a 19th century carriage barn in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, Daniel Bellow Porcelain offers a full line of fine dinnerware. "Belloware" is non-toxic, dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Daniel's work is all about form. He single-glazes and lets the kiln do the rest. Daniel uses a downdraft gas kiln he built from scratch in 2003, a cube of firebrick 54 inches square and six feet high so he can stand up inside to load. He also fires in a reduction atmosphere, which yields a rich glaze surface and colors that make oxidation glazes fired in an electric kiln look pale by comparison.

Daniel notes "things that are made by hand have a life of their own, a spirit, that machine made objects, no matter how well designed, are lacking. Surround yourself with useful, beautiful things made by real people. A life well-lived is itself a work of art."