Michelle Inciarrano & Katy Maslow

Good things come in small packages for Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow, who founded Brooklyn-based Twig Terrariums together. “We are obsessed with making these miniature gardens, and do not understand any other way since we started,” says Michelle. “We revel in them.” The childhood friends, who lost touch with each other for a decade before reconnecting with craft nights, find the same joy in working together in their studio (complete with a 14-foot paper mache tree!). It’s a sense of lightness they like to share with their staff. They may work hard growing a small business, “but once the day is done,” says Michelle, “there is always beer in the fridge, chips and dip laying about, and stories to share.”

  • Love Grows Here Terrarium

    Love Grows Here Terrarium


  • The Lucky Gardener DIY Terrarium Kit

    The Lucky Gardener DIY Terrarium Kit


  • We Have Chemistry Terrarium

    We Have Chemistry Terrarium


  • Grow Old With You Terrarium

    Grow Old With You Terrarium


  • Chinese Zodiac Terrarium

    Chinese Zodiac Terrarium

    $120.00 - $125.00