Elizabeth Suda

Elizabeth Suda originally traveled to Laos to research the country’s colorful textiles. But once there, another local craft caught her attention instead: spoons made by Lao artisans, using scrap metal salvaged from some 270 million bombs that were dropped on the country during the Vietnam War. Believing there was a broader market opportunity to be explored, Elizabeth challenged local artisans to expand beyond kitchen utensils and use the bomb metal to make jewelry instead.

“Jewelry has a personal significance–from an engagement ring to a men’s watch that might be a gift for graduation,” Elizabeth says. “We see [our] jewelry as having that significance. It is a piece of history. It’s a symbol of people turning something bad into something good.”

Learn more about how Elizabeth is using her jewelry to help reverse the negativity Laos faced during the Vietman War on the blog.

  • Couples Engraved Wrap Bracelets Set of Two

    Couples Engraved Wrap Bracelets Set of Two


  • Personalized Single Diamond Bangle

    Personalized Single Diamond Bangle


  • Female Symbol Necklace

    Female Symbol Necklace

    originally $120.00

  • War and Peace Ornaments

    War and Peace Ornaments


  • Personalized 7 Diamond Bangle

    Personalized 7 Diamond Bangle