Elizabeth Suda

Elizabeth Suda originally traveled to Laos to research the country’s colorful textiles. But once there, another local craft caught her attention instead: spoons made by Lao artisans, using scrap metal salvaged from some 270 million bombs that were dropped on the country during the Vietnam War. Believing there was a broader market opportunity to be explored, Elizabeth challenged local artisans to expand beyond kitchen utensils and use the bomb metal to make jewelry instead.

“Jewelry has a personal significance–from an engagement ring to a men’s watch that might be a gift for graduation,” Elizabeth says. “We see [our] jewelry as having that significance. It is a piece of history. It’s a symbol of people turning something bad into something good.”

  • Couples Engraved Wrap Bracelets Set of Two

    Couples Engraved Wrap Bracelets Set of Two


  • Courage Bracelet

    Courage Bracelet


  • War and Peace Ornaments

    War and Peace Ornaments


  • Female Symbol Necklace

    Female Symbol Necklace

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