Chris Crooks

Chris Crooks has taken a somewhat winding road to get to where is now—creating imaginative lawn sculptures inspired by the southwest landscape he calls home. After graduating from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Chris worked in advertising, then ran a printing business with his wife, while painting during his free time.

It was when the couple moved to Tucson for a change of scenery that Chris collaborated with a metal art manufacturer and fell in love with the art form. Eventually, he began designing and making his first metal sculpture collection from his studio nestled in the foothills of the Santa Rita mountains, just outside Tucson.

“I always wanted to make a living doing something genuinely enjoyable,” he says. “To get up in the morning raring to go, and never having enough time to do everything you want to do.”

  • Personalized Family Member Signpost

    Personalized Family Member Signpost

    $125.00 - $200.00

  • Latitude Longitude House Sign

    Latitude Longitude House Sign

    $85.00 - $130.00

  • Land Shark

    Land Shark


  • Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture

    Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture


  • Octopus Garden Sculpture

    Octopus Garden Sculpture


  • Bunny Family Garden Sculptures - Set of 5

    Bunny Family Garden Sculptures - Set of 5


  • Bat on a Branch

    Bat on a Branch


  • Personalized Directional Sign

    Personalized Directional Sign


  • Quail Set Garden Sculpture

    Quail Set Garden Sculpture


  • Mermaid Lawn Sculpture

    Mermaid Lawn Sculpture


  • Snow Gauge

    Snow Gauge


  • Personalized Heart Wall Sculpture

    Personalized Heart Wall Sculpture