Sandrine Froehle

"It gives me such pleasure to know that my designs bring happiness to the homes they make their way to," says Portland, Oregon artist Sandrine Froehle. Sandrine captures the love shared between individuals in her work. From her first piece—portraying a newly engaged couple that split the distance between California and Scotland—she has had the opportunity to represent long-distance relationships the world over. "My favorite part in this process is being able to travel the globe from the comfort of my own home. It's amazing how we all find the one we are meant to be with."

  • Skyline of Love

    Skyline of Love


  • Love Will Find A Way Personalized Art

    Love Will Find A Way Personalized Art

    $160.00 - $180.00

  • Personalized Birthday Candle

    Personalized Birthday Candle


  • Silhouette of Love

    Silhouette of Love


  • "It All Began" Couple Map and Monogram Set

    $90.00 - $160.00

  • Vintage Travel Shadowbox

    Vintage Travel Shadowbox


  • Definition of Love

    Definition of Love


  • Love Lives Here

    Love Lives Here