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Brook Kirk

Artist Bio

This original design was created for my musician husband who has tiny valuables (guitar picks, SD cards, prongs, connectors, and USB devices) that desperately needed a round up. As the design evolved, it quickly became clear that I too had copious amounts of little odds and ends that needed to be organized. I took one of my gadget wallets on a business trip and was instantly hooked. Not only did I have my smartphone, thumb drive, ID, hotel key, credit card for lunch and a lip balm all at the ready but I also had a place to hook my rental car keys and stash my receipts for the day! It may not be large enough to store everything you need for a trip, but it is the perfect little carry-all for the essentials. The large pocket even fits a passport! As a software analyst, I still love to take my Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet on business trips but now I take it with me everywhere, every day. I keep all of my essentials in it for quick trips to the store or any time I don't feel like lugging around a large bag.

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