Dave Wager

A longtime woodworker and a forest ecologist, Dave Wager spent the early part of his career studying tree ring growth in response to environmental factors. Wager's passion for nature and finding ways to restore it propelled his work over the next 10 years with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, through which he promoted environmentally and socially responsible forestry through Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Inspired by tree ring analysis and the need to share natural history information about Western fronts, Wager chose an unexpected medium to engage the public: pens. He developed an inspired concept into a handcrafted, wooden pen which exemplified his experience and interests, and after whittling his first prototype, the Tree Ring Pen was born.

"To me the Tree Ring Pens represent a nexus of nature, art, science, and forest restoration all bound within the beauty of a writing instrument," says Wager.

The next step in his project brought him to sustainability: Wager soon decided to source his wood from forest restoration projects in order to build a product that went beyond sustainability to action, restoring forests in need of help. Wager's idea of harvesting of small diameter trees to create his pens restores old-growth forests that have been encroached by those small diameter conifers.