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Christine Claringbold

Artist Bio

Christine Claringbold, a native Oregonian, began painting in 1994, while living in Montana and awaiting the birth of her daughter, Tangereen Velveteen.

Needing a way to express her powerful emotions, she grabbed the first blank "canvas" she could find, which happened to be a vintage hardshell suitcase with the Greyhound tags still attached--it had accompanied her on many travels. The front panel of the suitcase soon became a wild exploration of color and pattern.

In the years since, Christine has continued to embrace the concept of using recycled and reclaimed materials as her canvases, including a box of old records donated by a friend of a friend. With records, Christine discovered her ability to create mandalas, and this has become the basis of her work.

Click here to see Christine on HGTV!

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