Erin Smith

From a sign in her kitchen, "Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten" to her artwork, Erin Smith has a knack for saying the things everyone else is thinking.

"It's really difficult to NOT be a complete bitch..right?" Erin playfully asks. Luckily, she has managed to find an outlet for her mouth in her art.

"The combining of prose and paint is an important one for me," Erin says. "I always have a notebook (several actually) where I'm writing quips or thoughts or observations. Almost all of my inspiration comes from people and the everyday situations I find myself in."

The little girl featured in the Boots wall art is actually Erin's grandmother. "She put up with so much and never said a word. I like to think that this is what she was really thinking all along and was never able to say."

Erin lives in Atlanta where she tries to balance all of the hats that a mom typically has to wear. Mom, wife, housekeeper, dog walker, personal shopper, servant, school chaperone, every-weekend-birthday-party-present-buyer, landscaper, tutor, chef...and, of course, artist.