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David Montgomery

Artist David Montgomery's meanderings have led him all over America and Europe, always working with his hands and collecting skills, techniques, materials, and memories.

In college, David was a figure sculptor and landscape painter, but neither of those promised an easy time earning a living.

"If I had known of the fine-crafts world, I might have plunged into it immediately, and by now I'd be one of the grizzled, founding veterans of the business. Instead I embarked for years of traveling around the country, working as a scenic artist and making props and design models for theatre and opera."

In various cities he has worked as a cabinetmaker and carpenter, built historic recreations for museum installation, and created special effects, animations and miniatures for television and cinema.

Until a couple of years ago, David was making precise, elaborate, scale models for high-tech firms. He married a successful craft artist, and helped her with prototypes and construction, always imagining that there must be a way to apply his skills to something that was entirely his own. The result: his collection of one-of-a-kind aviaries.

"It's satisfying to at last find an outlet for so many of the odd talents and aesthetics I've collected."

David shares a studio with his frequent collaborator and wife, Karen Krieger. They attended Yale University at the same time, but didn't know that until several years later. They share a love of travel, old books, decorative arts and a young daughter.

David lives with his family in southern Vermont.