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Jim and Deborah Chapman

Artist Bio

Jim and Deborah Chapman began their pewter company, Tin Woodsman, in 1985. Deborah, who had previous experience in ceramics and costume design, was excited about pursuing another artistic hobby. Within three years, the hobby turned into a business, and Jim, who has experience in woodworking and bookmaking, joined the team full-time.

Although their name has changed to Crosby & Taylor, to emphasis that they are about more than just pewter, they're still going strong after all these years.

In true renaissance fashion, Jim and Deborah have brought diverse backgrounds to the company that has inspired their lives and influenced their designs. Deborah holds a master's degree in French Literature from The University of Oregon and Jim graduated from Notre Dame University's Great Books Program. Deborah studied abroad in Belgium, Turkey and France. Jim volunteered for the Peace Corps in western Africa and worked for three years in Venice, Italy as a writer, translator and guide.

Creating pewter products together has been a natural extension of their individual artistic explorations. Both Jim and Deborah have been able to meld their knowledge and experiences into the unique pieces they produce.

Over twenty years later, Jim and Deborah feel blessed to work together in such a satisfying venture that allows them to express their creativity. Even their children have been involved, with the youngest declaring (at age six) that she would be the future "boss."

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